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Hyuga Tetsuo, Inuzuka Unaru

10/01/14 - Partners In Arms: Tetsuo VS Unaru

JusticeAndPunishment: It had been a restless night for Tetsuo, awake in the vacant streets of the industrial metropolis within the Amegakure village. He again had nightmares about the deaths of Nakara and Shura, plus the taunting laughing of Kanon and the echoing of Yazuka’s calling of “weakling” from the genjutsu technique that was thrown upon Tetsuo. Drenched in sweat and screaming while panting hard, he got into his training attire and got up for a walk through town. The rain was hard that night so he threw on his poncho to keep his clothes dry. He was still armed as he walked out with usual kit of six kunais with two of each from the flash bombs, smoke bomb and explosive tags, six shurikens, two tonfa sticks and his father’s katana. He could not help but feel such pain from the nightmare that he had to endure because it continued to scratch at his head even while he kept telling himself to keep trying so to achieve his dream. It just seemed as if there was nothing to live for without any close friends around to connect with. He had not even talked to Nosa in a long time. Maybe she got assigned to a squad. Even while he quietly thought to himself, Tetsuo kept walking through the heavy shower as he started to enter deeper into the city.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru stood at his window eyes scanning the skies, it had been probably a hour since he had woken up, as usual, in a cold sweat from a typical nightmare of his. The laughter in his head reminding him how screwed up he really was inside there, as if part of him enjoyed watching him suffer thru these nights… Lightning flashed and his silver shards seemed to flash along with it reflecting the light that even the window caught the moment of the strange glow that popped up. He watched the rain pelt against the window the sound for a while had been unsettling at first, but a year and a half living in this city village he had come to let the rain wash away the stress he so often couldn’t release. Shaking his head he turned and got dressed pulling on his black tank top, fingerless gloves and simple black and grey sleeveless jacket. Next he found his purple and blue bracers and slipped them on only off handedly taking note of the burn mark upon that left arm of his before cloth and metal hid it mostly from sight. He slipped a pair of grey arm bands on his arms at the elbows knowing it had to be getting cold out there. He needed to get out and let the rain wash the memories away… wash away the dreams, the nightmares… maybe even find something to distract him from it all just for tonight before he looses his mind in the past. His hands soon grabbed items that he had tossed to his bed earlier, his hip pouch and his scroll holder. Twisting around he snapped the hip pouch behind him on the ebony pants he wore remembering that his rebreather, two smoke bombs five explosive tags and a spool of wire string sat within. Turning to his left thigh he set the latches to connect his scroll holder that had two in it there knowing he had only earlier this night made sure there was a extra smoke bomb, a flash bomb and four kunai sealed within. After this was settled he quickly snagged his purple thigh pouch and secured it to his right thigh knowing he had six shuriken within. He considered things a moment and let his hands run over the inner pockets of his giving a nod when he felt he had his other four kunai secured there, one of them custom and well made, a gift from one of the new Genin, something he himself probably would have ever bothered setting his eyes on simply because of the cost. With that he tied the black long tailed bandana on and buckled the spoke studded choker on his neck touching his fingers to the plate that denoted him being a Amegakure shinobi, quickly slipping on his fang necklace he hopped down his set of stairs and dropped to place his black ninja shoes and shin guards that matched his bracers on his legs and feet, he gave his pups a quick whistle command and they perked their ears from the lounging chair he had in his small living room. He quickly hopped onto the windowsill of his dining room and had two small bodies leap to him, one he caught in his arms, the other found purchase on his head hind paws resting on his shoulders. He tucked Buruu into his jacket and zipped it up before slipping out into the night. The moment he hit the roof tops he was already soaked, but he didn’t care, it was a simple distraction but not as much of one as he hoped… no he needed to find a activity to help him with these thoughts. His mind wandered his nose working just in case he found something of interest, for an hour he had been wandering, an hour that was bringing him deeper and deeper into the city village that he was learning to call home, but that was the moment a scent caught him off guard. He wasn’t use to finding the other teen this far into the village or at such a time at night so he seemed to find himself turning towards his teammates scent. It didn’t take him long to find the other, and as he approached he could almost read in Tetsuo’s body language that he wasn’t as good off as he usually saw him as. He hopped along the roof tops a few more moments before finally speaking up.- “Not use to seeing you up this late… bad night?” –He dropped down to the streets looking at the other not really needing much encouragement on this point, he can see he didn’t have a good night, it was in the eyes, so he wasn’t surprised when he found himself speaking up again with his own thoughts for tonight.- “Spar me…” –His simple comment was soft but his eyes almost showed his own desperation to not think about anything but the moment, the fight was a cure all with him it let him think clearly on what he was doing that moment and let the world wash away, and if Tetsuo was troubled he knew keeping him active would do him good as well, he didn’t need one of his teammates being less than one hundred percent after all…-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo continued to walk silently through the heavy rain with his gaze looking onward toward a misty fog that was engulfing the streets. Not that it mattered because he was only taking a gentle stroll so using his Byakugan was merely pointless. He took an hour through the streets with only his thoughts in his mind as he cut across alleys and roads through the village while his poncho kept getting punched at from the intense rainfall and flatted upon his body. Suddenly, a figure immediately drops in front of him after he heard a familiar voice and he immediately enters the Gentle Fist stance with both legs spread out at shoulder width with his right hand formed into a fist and his left arm extended out with relaxed fingers. He relaxed as soon as he saw the figure of Unaru, one of his teammates. He had not talked to or met up with Unaru for a long time and could not remember exactly how long it had been since he had been putting up with troubled times. “I just was having nightmares again. Not much that can be done.” Next what caught him off guard was Unaru telling him to spar with him. At this hour when it is late out with thick rainfall? He was in no mood as he was filled with fear and anger from the nightmare that coursed into his subconsciousness. Tetsuo took a moment at this as he shed off his poncho to reveal his white tunic, black trousers and black shinobi shoes. His forehead protector shielded the dripping rain from his eyes which started to soak up his hair. Wasting no time, Tetsuo grabbed out his tonfa sticks and charged at full speed while bringing both tonfa sticks up over his head as he approached closer to Unaru. If Unaru allowed himself to get struck with the tonfas, Tetsuo could do so by conducting a cross blow where the sticks could be brought down from left to right in an X formation.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru was already high on alert, he had seen the others form tense and ready to attack the moment he had dropped down so he was almost expecting a quick action on the others part if he did choose to take the offer. However he had at least expected an answer to the words of his in a voice first before actions. Well he guessed he can’t be picky tonight for he had seen the quick actions being started. He didn’t wait, he knew the two pups on his form were clinging tight with the small bit of chakra they had of their own to stick like glue and when Tetsuo had lashed out at him with his tonfa sticks he flipped swiftly backwards out of its range landing on hands first then let his body follow the flow only taking his sights off the other teen for a split second. His form instantly had fallen to hands and feet crouched more like a animal than a person, he allowed the flow of his dark midnight blue chakra to form like wisps of dark steam over his skin as he make a simple grunt sound. It was an order to his pups that spoke simply enough as ‘break’ in their native tongue, it meant to let him fight and keep out of the way until needed, and they instantly had leapt from him in opposite directions. He shook his head letting rain flow around him ignoring the downpour as he then suddenly dashed forward reaching into one of his pockets and drawing out the custom made kunai, the craftsmanship of the mental clear in the almost mirror like finish, the carved handle and the blades small holes within it, where most kunai one used were mat black this was almost silver. He used his clans natural speed to its advantage and dashed forward, these actions were done in a matter of a couple of seconds of Tetsuo swinging those sticks down to hit him, he dashes almost back to be in front of Tetsuo but then suddenly breaks to his left twisting the blade in his Right hand so it was against his own arm in a blocking action just in case he needed it after this attack. Knowing he had that covered he sent out a fast jab with his left arm at Tetsuo’s right side just below the ribs fist balled up ready for a good hit. It was a fairly weak hit if he said so himself but the blow was not held back and could easily bruise painfully if not dodged, he was showing he meant business, he wanted this spar as much as Tetsuo needed it, his expression as blank as usual but a determination in his eyes spoke on being a bit curious of Tetsuo’s skills himself…-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo’s attack was evaded when Unaru seemingly moved off to his right side, meaning Unaru’s left, leaving him side open to Unaru’s next attack. The punch into his right side immediately caused Tetsuo to absorb the strike and his sticks immediately dropped to the ground as he felt the pain growing form where he was hit. He paused for a moment to cup his hand upon the sore spot as the rain soaked his body from head to toe with the white tunic revealing the black netted shirt through the fabric. Next he looked up for a moment to see that Unaru was armed with a silver kunai, something that appeared unfamiliar to Tetsuo as silver blades seem to be too revealing for an average ninja as it could be a weakness for invisibility purposes due to the reflective surfaces. Seeing the blade, Tetsuo’s eyes furrowed with vengeance as the word of “weakling” echoed through his head from the nightmare. His hair was already slick with rain as he then undid his black sash and removed his tunic so to feel the cold rain hit upon his skin, his sheathed katana resting at his feet. The tunic was then tossed aside as Tetsuo felt the chilling water shower upon his flesh with steaming exhales emerging from him as he looked upon Unaru with the kunai in his hand. This was the first time that he ever had a fight with Unaru and he was willing to go full tilt just as Unaru was. Therefore Tetsuo reached into his shuriken pouch with his right hand and took out a solitary shuriken from inside with his index and middle fingers resting the small weapon between them. He then slowly brought his arm over his chest, his eyes focusing upon the kunai in Unaru’s hand. The next few seconds passed and Tetsuo flung out his arm while releasing the shuriken toward Unaru. The intention was to knock out the kunai to at least disarm him but just as the shuriken is thrown, Tetsuo picked up his dropped katana and unsheathed it as he started run through the street. His feet were splashing heavily upon the puddles even as the scabbard was dropped onto the pavement, the blade of the katana held down diagonally near Tetsuo’s right side. The intention was that if the kunai wasn’t knocked out of Unaru’s hand then Tetsuo will have to disarm him in another method. The blade seemed to sing as the rain pelted upon the steel just as Tetsuo started to bring up the blade in an upward diagonal slash from right to left. He did not want to kill Unaru as he valued him as a partner, but this time Tetsuo was not going to show any hint of mercy. He lost too much to feel anything at this moment. 

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru had leapt back as he had given his hit to Tetsuo and watched as he removed his shirt and settled the katana to the ground, his eyes were sharp for any movement that would speak of an attack from him. He had seen the look, the realization of the fight being on and he allowed it to simmer in. His features were blank as slate but even then emotions world his intentions for now, he wanted to feel free in the moment that fighting did for him, and he knew that his teammate shouldn’t disappoint. That was the moment he saw the movement of the throw and gripped tight the weapon of his own, he heard the sing of the shuriken in the air and soon lifted his hand just as the metal sang their meeting in a loud cling, however instead of disarming it had deflected off to the right. The small distraction cost him thou, as his eyes had been upon the thrown weapon, for that split second he heard the others feet splashing he had only enough time to flip the kunai in his hand and with a twist of his hips would have stopped the blade just before it got farther than slicing his clothing and lightly split his skin. As he was blocking he already had the typical adrenaline starting to course thru his form; he already had his chakra craving to change him like it always did in a fight. While the ring of blades met he forced the chakra into his system nails started to grow and sharpen, eyes coming to look even more feral than usual and those canines thickened and lengthened giving him a wild look even behind that silent expression of his… He had just let his Four Legged Technique flow into him which gave him speed, agility and stamina… but it also gained him strength as well. Taking advantage of these attributes he leapt back in one movement with the kunai itself releasing the hold. This action was made quickly hoping to catch Tetsuo’s body still in the auto response to finish the stroke and went to slash under the other teens right arm just at rib height with his left hands claws, if it should make its mark it could easily slash into him deeply from those razor sharp appendages. He had his own reserves but he wasn’t going to deny himself showing he wasn’t one to be underestimated either. His eyes kept a eye on the weapon of his knowing even in this moment that he was quite close to someone holding a sword that clearly knew how to control one.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo’s blade had come into contact with Unaru but with an unpredicted outcome as he saw that the shurkien he had thrown was deflected by Unaru’s kunai. What he saw was that his katana was stopped by the kunai just before it cleaved into Unaru’s body and this was what he predicted that Unaru could have done even with a smaller weapon. He then in response started to bring his blade back around his body when he noticed that Unaru’s eyes becoming more animal like. This had to be one of his special techniques unique to only his clan because at this point he noticed a clawed hand swooping toward him and therefore Tetsuo jumped back from the swipe while using a flat side of his katana to give a slap toward Unaru’s attacking arm. Even if it did not come into contact with the arm, Tetsuo considered the possible outcome. By determining that Unaru is using an Inuzuka clan technique, he could be outclassed in speed, strength and stamina and thus could be overpowered by Unaru’s feats. Tetsuo again decided to use wit over strength seeing that Unaru has physical advantages and that the Four Legged Technique, and seeing that he was in an empty street there was not much of any open options except something else. Therefore, Tetsuo held the katana in his left hand and reached into his kunai pouch with his right hand to pull out a smoke bomb. Noticing that Unaru could come in for another attack, Tetsuo threw down the smoke bomb and it let out a massive black cloud upon the area. The next thing Tetsuo did was leave down one explosive tag where he was standing but he left a timed delay for three seconds like a modern hand grenade may go off on. He then slapped the explosive tag on the pavement and immediately took off running from the cloud of smoke at a hard sprint into one of the alleys. Seeing that he could be tracked by scent by Unaru or his ninja hounds, Tetsuo came to the thought of finding a spot to at least camouflage his scent and evade being tracked. He could not risk hiding in a dumpster as he could be caught, but he jumped into one for a moment so he was covered in complete filth and then rushed out of there while covered in waste. The ninja hounds could lose track of the original scent after this but there was a risk of confusion that could throw the dogs to finding Tetsuo despite using the trash smell to hide his scent. As a result, he left his last explosive tag inside the dumpster he was at and dashed off toward a nearby garbage can. He then quickly hopped inside it, remembering that the final explosive tag was placed on the left hand lid of the dumpster. The plan was that with Tetsuo hiding in a dumpster with a trash smell covering his scent and with another tag rigged, Tetsuo could set off the tag with using the Snake hand seal which could then set off the tag upon Unaru once he opened the lid. At this point, he was squatting inside the trash can with his head pushing the lid up high enough to see a slit through the opening to observe the booby trapped dumpster.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru was in full swing when he had attacked his teammate and only had a moment to catch the action of his blade coming towards him. He felt the tap of the flat cold metal to try to smack his arm away and allowed his feet to shift and let his arm move with the action so the initial touch was all that he felt. That was the moment Tetsuo had thrown down the smoke bomb, he couldn’t help a grin form. This expression wasn’t something one ever saw on his face outside a fight… and only barely noticed inside one, he preferred no one to see that darkness that hid inside him. The look was of a feral animal that just found its playing ground and the one he can play with. His silver eyes flicked around but soon closed completely… clearly the smoke was to force him to be unable to see… but this fact was moot for him, he used his eyes yes but they never have been his first sense to use anywhere, even in normal interactions. No it was his nose, a nose that if amplified could track a persons movements from many meters away. He wasn’t one to brag, he hated seeing people do such things, but he couldn’t help feel almost giddy inside as he heard feet dashing off. He knew this feeling was simply instincts telling him to chase his opponent, but against that primal wish he leapt back and away from the middle of the cloud. He didn’t know it at this moment but he wouldn’t put it past anyone to just take off without doing something to delay him. This is where people underestimate him, he was quiet he didn’t talk much and he often showed he can fight with his brawn… but there also was his intelligence that most didn’t realize he had, and this one small precaution was where it showed the most. He let his nose twitch ignoring the smoky scent from the bomb to read Tetsuo’s own individual scent he has come over the months to recognize. That’s when he leapt to the roof tops, the grin deepened as he let out a sharp whistle to his two pups, double toned and broken. Even Tetsuo most likely know that it was some sort of code between him and his ninken, what it meant thou he never would have explained; I was too personal to him and his hounds. He then dashed across the roof tops feet tapping very lightly trying to avoid sound as his eyes opened now that he was leaving the cloud just after Tetsuo, his left hand reached down drawing his one scroll with the weapons and tools stored within. His right hand raised the well made weapon to his mouth and he clamped down on the handle as he soon reached over to the scroll and taking the paper between fingers jerked the scroll open instantly forcing chakra into the seal on the run. With a small cloud of smoke he snags the flash bomb from its hiding spot flipping the scroll closed with one hand and putting it away he snagged the kunai into his left hand as soon as the hand was free. He paused at the edge of the alleyway, his head swinging back and forth slightly, his senses personally telling him that Tetsuo has to be close by, but where he wasn’t quite sure.- “Tell me where.” -He looked towards Buruu that had stuck close to in front of him, Anryoku on the other side of the alleyway, which was when barks and growls were thrown into the air in a rapid pace. He glanced towards the trashcan the pups indicated, Tetsuo didn’t know the strength of a Ninken’s nose, it was more than scent for them, it was the possibility of taking note of chakra as well. He had actually filled in puzzle pieces about the rain that poured down here by these two pups’ comments about what was in it after the harrowing fight at the falls. Realizing he had a chance of surprising the one who is clearly hoping to surprise him he gave a growl and grunt, this was a sound soft and meant for stealth rather than the whistles he most times used. Both pups had moved off to the side away once again while he had shifted to just above the can itself. That was when he dropped the flash bomb, if Tetsuo doesn’t realize it soon enough he can become blinded for the moment it passes the other teens line of sight on the dumpster the flash bomb would go off, he closed his eyes and knew it to explode in a blinding white light. He didn’t wait even a second after that flash bomb went off to have leapt to the ground with eyes closed as he dropped to his right hand and feet and with a quick movement rammed his right shoulder into the trash can Tetsuo had been hiding inside to knock it to its side, but also in the same movement his left hand had taken the kunai and stabbed it into the can itself. If it should hit it would easily slice into his shoulder or arm at the height it was forced into the container, the material the can was made of almost barely protective in this moments attack.- 

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo had kept still in his tense silence inside of the garbage can, nearly on the edge of gagging because of the smell he had allowed to place upon himself. He felt the explosion of the first tag that he had left behind from a bit of a vibration that seemed to echo through the alleyway he was at and it gently shook the trash can. Tetsuo believed that the ninken were very much like typical tracker dogs, having the ability to track through scent and sound that human beings could not detect and thus he allowed himself into this predicament. His head was tilted up a bit to allow himself a view of the dumpster he had rigged but there was no sign of Unaru coming his way. Surely his dogs could have tried sniffing around for him but somehow it seemed as if nobody was coming. He decided to wait five minutes to be certain in case of something else coming around and then leave the trash bin quietly and cautiously. The main problem next took him by surprise when a flash of light burst in front of him and it blinded Tetsuo on the spot. His eyes began to sting as he started to struggle out of the trash can with his katana resting in his arms as he felt himself falling forward onto the street with the lid crashing upon the pavement. At that moment, he realized that Unaru had flanked him. Wasting no time, Tetsuo made the following hand seals: Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog, and Snake. This allowed Tetsuo to use the Body Replacement Technique by which his body was replaced with an ordinary object close by. An ordinary trash bag was placed inside of it which Unaru later stabbed into with his kunai piercing into the trash can but with the second explosive tag attached onto it. The thing was that Tetsuo grabbed that same garbage back from the dumpster across the way and then attached the explosive tag onto it in a moment’s notice when the smoke during the switch was still in progress before it dissipated. Tetsuo was on a far rooftop that overlooked Unaru and triggered the tag with the Snake hand seal. Hopefully, should it work, the explosion could be enough to send Unaru hurling backwards through the alleyway, the trash can becoming split in all directions like flower petals in bloom while an eruption of trash spread all over the area. What could happen next was Unaru being hurled backwards into a massive pile of garbage that was piled up on a wall near another alley junction meters away from the dumpster they were facing at. Meanwhile, Tetsuo was going to use the rooftops to stay clear of the ninken while trying to shake off his immediate state of shock as he brought up his katana once more with his left foot out and both hands gripping upon the handle with the blade close to his own right ear.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -The soft hiss of the tag burning was something any shinobi should know easily, and it was the first thing that caught his attention since smell was out of the question for this moment. Eyes widening a fraction he had moved instantly into action his hand jerked swiftly away as if it already had been burnt giving up the kunai in the process. His form shifting back a single second to slam his hands together into a ram sign to allow the body flicker technique to give him the almost instantaneous speed he needed to avoid the explosion from the bomb. He seemed to appear upon an opposite roof top to the other teen just as the explosion had ripped the trash can apart. His breathing had hitched, not out of being tired, no that wasn’t a possibility yet with his four legged technique in effect. No his adrenaline had spiked and his heart was racing. That was a close call and was reminded of the day he had acquired that burn scar on his arm way too clearly. He let his eyes trail over Tetsuo watching his movements along with his positioning realizing that the flash bomb clearly had affected the other. Those silver shards seemed to almost spark in the understanding and with his speed rushed to make up the distance between them. His form leapt over the alleyway like he was born upon these roof tops towards his opponent. His form was but a blur to average person’s eyes as he had been drawing another kunai, a simple mat black one, swiftly from a hidden pocket in his black jacket allowing his right hand to be armed once more. When he had rushed him his form had slid softly on the tiles very low in a form only his family often settled into where even those claws of his hands seemed to scrape upon the tiles. He made sure to get close in and under those raised hands that gripped that sword of the Hyugas. His left arm went quickly to block at Tetsuo’s wrists with his own left one while he went to stab at his left thigh. If it should hit it could easily slice into him.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo watched while standing still to catch his breath as the trash can exploded but saw that Unaru had suddenly disappeared just before the trash can split upon all sides and the trash showered upon the entire area. This was where he started to yell and he called out his next tactic: “Byakugan!” Tetsuo’s temples started to ripple for a moment as the veins bulged and his Byakugan ability became activated with his flat white eyes forming pupils in the center of each iris of his eyes thanks to his positive affinity of chakra control. Upon this, his field of vision was expanded for about 50 meters which was a novice user’s range and thus he was allowed to see through solid barriers and smokescreens. Another benefit was that it allowed him to see chakra auras as well as tenketsu nodes while at close range. Next, he concentrated on focusing his chakra into his arms and legs through Chakra Molding which help augment his speed and strength. It could be seen that this may not be enough against Unaru’s Four Legged Technique but it was better than not putting any effort and upon he felt chakra molded through his arms and legs he continued looked around with his Byakugan, seeing faint blurs of Unaru but was unable to keep a close trace on his movements as he was too fast to focus upon. However he heard scrapping upon the shingles nearby and stood ready with his blade raised over his head and charged toward Unaru while his Byakugan foused upon his chakra essence.  He was then caught by surprise when Unaru slid and caught hold of Tetsuo’s katana as it was just about to be brought down for a strike. Tetsuo then brought back his right hand as if to punch upon Unaru with a single jab toward his stomach but was halted when he saw Unaru take up a regular kunai and prepared to plunge it into Tetsuo while his left wrist was caught by Unaru’s grasp of the other hand. With his own free hand, Tetsuo gripped over Unaru’s right hand that held the kunai and attempted to push it back away from his body. Even with the strength he gained from the chakra molding, Tetsuo struggled to the point where he could not fight and the blade of the kunai slashed upon the side of Tetsuo’s left thigh instead of a stab. Tetsuo shouted in pain from this as he felt the flesh being scratched but then retaliated with a quick kick of his right foot toward Unaru as his right hand reached into his kunai pouch to pull out three kunais which were then fitted between his four fingers to simulate claws. If the kick followed through, it could hit within Unaru’s lower torso area either within the stomach or the pelvis. The intention was to at least stun Unaru enough to allow a counter attack with the three kunais by using them for incapacitation purposes. With his body molded of chakra, he could then use the three kunais to slash upon the areas that permitted mobility to Unaru’s arms and legs but only to where Unaru could not be permanently crippled from injuries but to where he could be in pain to where he could not move as much. Unaru was still his teammate and he could not slaughter him or cripple him.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru took note of the other teen activating those eyes of his and only filed it away in his mind before he had shifted his thoughts elsewhere. Unaru had taken close note of the fact that Tetsuo had swung that katana down in its swing the action of the others completely halted by his hand against the others wrist. He knew this was all being done in the matter of a couple of seconds and allowed his instincts to let time flow for him in this brief moment of time. The slash of the kunai to Tetsuo’s leg, the cry out from the others lips, the scent of blood that was diluted by the storming rain all around, and then the final moment of a kick being sent to his mid-section. He didn’t have time, even with the speed he had, to dodge that blow fully. So he did what he had to, he shifted his legs to let himself twist slightly to his right and let the kick be taken upon the left hip instead and found himself shoving himself back taking its momentum to get out of range for a moment of time. He knew that would bruise but he didn’t mind a few injuries like that. He couldn’t help the grin that formed on his lips as seemed to settle on all fours once again one hand still holding that blood scented kunai. The grin was subtle but much more pronounced than even Tetsuo has seen upon his face over this past year, the longer fangs of his family’s technique making the grin almost feral in appearance. This is what he was looking to find, the moment where his thoughts could only focus upon this moment, this action and nothing in the hours or minutes before mattered anymore. The nightmares ignored or forgotten allowing his mind to almost feel free beyond the sensation of something grinning in the darkness in his mind. He had no idea if this was helping Tetsuo at this point, but he hoped silently it was a clear distraction to the other, even if it does end with them both needing to heal it was worth it in his mind for this moment of both activity and understanding of the others skills. The thought had been only a moment, he was aware of the kunai being brought into action by the other along with their aim, he didn’t waste time, his form had sprung back in a flip to keep distance from the slashes the other tried to throw at him. He reached back with his right hand as he was avoiding the attack and reached into his back hip pouch and snagged some wire and then dipping his hand into the one at his right thigh he snagged two shuriken. With perfect practice he had found himself attaching the string one handed to the sharp and small objects with the smallest movements to avoid being known for what he was doing and only a few seconds to make the action be finished. He didn’t waste time, he sent them out towards Tetsuo with a swift flick of the wrist having flung them towards the other quickly the aim of the shuriken were low and slightly off target. He also had sent the kunai in his other hand out towards him in a throw also aiming for that hand holding the katana itself. At first it may have seemed that he had thrown those stars too low and clearly somewhat off target but if the other doesn’t realize the action in time those shuriken will fly past him and go to twist around his legs at knee and ankle height. If the kunai should hit it could slice into the hand disarming him of the sword, and if the shuriken should get past him he can easily be manipulated to try and try to entangle the other around the ankles and knees.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo’s body was aching badly from the hit he received on his right side, getting kicked over while blinded from a flash bomb and his left thigh sliced on the outer side. He was growing exhausted from the physical push he had placed upon himself while trying to avoid Unaru’s ninken with running and hiding, but he refused to give up now as he saw Unaru’s grin emerging. His eyes furrowed from Unaru’s fanged grin as he attempted to restrain himself from attacking rashly with the three kunai still in between the fingers in his right hand as he missed Unaru but kept his hold on the katana as he was panting hard while the rain continued to hit hard upon the village, white steam emerging from his breathing. “Focus, Tetsuo. You’re losing your hold on yourself. Take a moment to breathe and observe.” These thoughts entered his mind as he paused to see that Unaru was already taking out two shuriken and some wire from his pouches. With a few seconds of catching his breath, Tetsuo resumed his charge toward Unaru with a bit of renewed strength. The left thigh stung as he ran and his right side ached with each breath entering and escaping him, but he kept focused with his Byakugan guiding toward Unaru’s chakra aura. His speed and strength were still unmatched with Unaru’s due to having molding chakra in his arms and legs, but he could still use that to a tactical advantage. Therefore, Tetsuo initiated his next plan as soon as Unaru threw his kunai and his shuriken –and-wire bola snare. Tetsuo immediately stabbed the tip of his katana into a roof shingle in front of him while running, leapt onto the handle and flung himself away as if being fired from a sling shot. The kunai thrown at him missed him by inches just as he threw his katana to the ground and when he leapt up the bola snare wrapped around the blade of the weapon. With Tetsuo up in the air, he transferred the three kunai in his right hand to his left and reached into his kunai pouch to pull out a flash bomb. He then threw the flash bomb with all his might down in front of Unaru when he was at peak height, but as he started to drop back down he drew his last smoke bomb and hurled down upon Unaru’s feet so that the smokescreen could at least blind him further in the haze of the black cloud. Tetsuo could already have landed at the time the smokescreen was building up to full spread, and because he left his shuriken pouch back where his tunic was with the sash he was left with only six kunai with one half in his left hand. Using the Byakugan, Tetsuo saw Unaru’s chakra flow within the cloud of smoke and rushed toward him at full speed with his left arm being brought into his chest and flung back out to hurl the kunai in a straight line at a downward angle so to at least have the weapons hit upon one of Unaru’s own legs. Even if that did not work, Tetsuo had an alternate plan by which he could use the Palm Bottom strike to inflict a temporary paralysis by which an open hand could strike upon Unaru while blinded from the smoke while recovering from the flash bomb the heel of his attacking hand could strike upon Unaru’s upper body. The Palm Bottom strike was a conventional attack for those who practice the Gentle Fist taijutsu art, using the Byakugan as a targeting aid where the tenketsu nodes could be shut down from certain attacks of that combative art.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -Unaru watched as Tetsuo had slammed the sword into the roof top to as the weapons were flying towards a dead end of an attack move, seeing this quick like lightning removed his third kunai from a pocket and sliced the wire string so he could be free from the items. His silver eyes flicked up to watch the other teen to only found himself seeing the item he was chucking towards him, the flash bomb. Instantly he had slammed his eyes closed, he wasn’t about to get into the same situation as the other did. He heard the pop and the brightness of the bomb going off behind his lids like fireworks behind a red paper screen knowing he had just made it in time for that. He had no time to wait thou, he smelt the scent of another smoke bomb and kind of wondered if Tetsuo realized how ineffective such a thing can be for him and his own nose, especially now that the rain has been pouring down and washing away the worst of the stench he had minutes ago tried covering his own scent with. He didn’t bother opening his eyes again, there was no point in his position, and he smelt the other land in front of him the effect of smelling him almost as telling as other able to be able to see the midnight blue, almost black chakra of his. Where most chakra would shine like a beacon in the dark his was dulled with its dark shade, still seen, but so different from the usual bright colors most others possessed. A breeze shifted, the scent suddenly becoming stronger, something was thrown the scent of his hand holding it, of his clothes it was nestled in and of the metal itself with its almost scentless oil upon it that kept it from rusting in this environment was what he had to smell to almost “see” it. He shifted to his left knowing it to be a weapon, what kind he wasn’t sure since most items are cleaned, sharpened and oiled in the same fashion in ones home. He felt the slice of the blade of the kunai slice thru his pants and graze his calf, a small snarl touching his lips at the burn that all weapons seemed to inflict on first contact before he flipped back to try and avoid any secondary attack the other would throw him, however half way thru the move he felt the pain of the cut in his side lace thru him and made him stumble a second, he hoped he had made good distance but suddenly the scent of Tetsuo was very close to him and he had to make a split moment decision to counter the others Palm Bottom attack. He leapt over the attack snatching out at Tetsuo’s right shoulder with a sharp clawed hand to snag the mesh shirt the other male wore and having worked with his actions he kicked out so he could shift his position to flip over to face him but behind him. A twitch of pain laced his side at the landing but he didn’t let this stop his actions knowing he would need to be quick as he landed upon the roof top on his feet once again if he should get a hold of him he would easily use his momentum to bring the other with him pulling him off his feet and using his strength to swing him around and slam him into the tile roof top easily cracking tiles from the impact. This attack was known as Early Sacrifice and he wouldn’t have stopped there, he would have balled up his right hand and would have came to swing a punch down into the others gut taking advantage of the disorientation this counter could inflict in anyone in this situation. Now if he doesn’t catch hold of Tetsuo he would simply flip over and land behind him with same effect before having easily sent out a hard punch towards the others left kidney instead. He could smell the blood coming off of both of them and the smell of many chemicals telling him that Tetsuo was getting tired, the small chemical blueprint easily being transmitted to his nose, for himself he did feel exhaustion creeping up like a stalker in the dark but the adrenaline that ran thru his veins for now was keeping the worst of the cuts he had upon him at bay from wearing him down farther.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo gave a full bore charge toward Unaru as the smoke was building up, his breathing becoming hard due to the exhaustion and his grunting escaping in the exhales because of the pain coursing along his body. His Byakugan was aiding him as he was charging into the smoke as he saw Unaru’s chakra flow aura with his Palm Bottom strike at the ready, but instead of coming into contact with Unaru he struck the smoke in front of him. He saw that Unaru had leaped over him within a split second before his attack came into contact with him. Instinctively, Tetsuo turned around and faced Unaru who had just immediately grabbed a hold on the mesh shirt in the area of Tetsuo’s left shoulder. It was then he felt himself being lifted off the ground through Unaru’s grip and started to sail forward and over Unaru’s own body to where his body then crashed upon the roof shingles. The tiles cracked and shattered in all directions where Tetsuo smacked upon, his back and shoulder now tensed up from further pain as he let out an agonizing yell. He had to get away from Unaru despite himself being in bad shape from the injuries and the soreness he was enduring but he yelled again when he felt his stomach punched in. Tears were forming upon his eyes and he started to cough out violently with sprays of his own saliva as he forced his body to roll to the right off the side of the roof toward the next. This fall did lead to another roof that he smacked on and rolled down once more into another alley where he landed upon a pile of garbage bags. Tetsuo was feeling sluggish at this point as he was down to three kunai and one flash bomb. On top of that, he was on the breaking point of where his Byakugan was hurting his eyes and he had only a few minutes left to stop using them. Despite this, he stood up and got into the Gentle Fist stance despite the pain in his left thigh making the leg buckle for a moment. Heavy breathing was escaping from him and his head was hurting from overstressing himself. He intended to do a final last stand approach unless Unaru said otherwise. Tetsuo knew he could not keep going like this and he already knew of how many fights he had lost, but the word “weakling” pushed him on while he stood with his left foot out and both legs at shoulder width distance as his left hand was out with relaxed fingers and his right hand was formed into a fist. He entered the Gentle Fist stance at this moment, catching his breath despite his eyes feeling heavy and aching from the Byakugan use. “Last stand…” It was all he said as he took out the last flash bomb and threw it up straight into the air which was then followed by him throwing one of the last three kunai so that the flash bomb exploded in midair. His right arm shielded his eyes once this happened, hoping that Unaru could retreat into the alley and face Tetsuo who was waiting for him. Should he tell him to stop, Tetsuo could stop. If not, Tetsuo could then execute his last stand attack – the Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms. The could result in Tetsuo using the last precious moments of his Byakugan before it strained him to where he could strike upon Unaru’s tenketsu points on his torso and shut them down, causing Unaru to be stunned from the attack. The attack could start with two hits, followed by two more consecutive hits to make four, and it could continue on with the hits doubling up through the process to increase the hit count until Tetsuo could reach to thirty-two. This final strike was to be the last of the energy Tetsuo could use in the fight as he was tired.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He had heard both cries from Tetsuo as he had attacked, outside his expression had blanked out a moment but inside it was split on its thoughts, on one hand he couldn’t help the wince that was closer to the surface from being felt inside, the part of him that did worry about harming people that were close to him be it companions, teammates, or friends. Then there was the part of him he never wanted others to realize he actually had. It was grinned like a crazed beast at the attack making its mark not caring that it was a teammate he had just hurt. At this moment he was between these two thoughts and it made him pause as the other scrambled to dash off once again into the alleyway. The feeling, dark sensation and thoughts that flickered thru his mind made his stomach turn a bit… he was getting too close to that dark part of himself and he didn’t have any ill thoughts towards Tetsuo for it to make sense to be feeling it… He heard and smelt the other scramble off, he gives a sigh, his body was buzzing with the sensation, and he was hitting a spot in himself that told him he needed to consider things. He was tempted to keep going, maybe go for a knock out… but was it really worth it? His intelligent mind pieced this together and seemed to deflate some, the spar was done, he wasn’t giving up he just felt they had finished what they had gone out to do, anything farther would only make more trouble in the long run. With this thought in mind he had shifted over towards the edge of the roof top and dropped down into a crouch at the edge of it That was when he took note of yet another flash in the air and paused for a moment letting the other a moment before his words fell into the air letting his eyes finally open to look down into the alleyway.- “Hey Tetsuo, How about we call it, no doubt from that last attack your hurt and I already know you were hitting exhaustion before that one… I could smell it off you when you got close to me… I mean if you want to continue this we can but I think it a better choice to just say we both got the chance to blow off some steam…” – He waited in his position to hear his own words, he knew if he heard only silence the fight was still on and would go to attack, but if not and he did speak he will back off, he still had two rested ninken at his disposal and he only felt warn out a bit from all the quick activity. He knew as soon as he dropped his four legged technique thou he will feel himself waver a bit and the pain from the cuts would flare, but for now in this state he was still up and running. The endurance this form gave him was something others didn’t realize till they were warn out and grasping at straws… In this state he was like a wolf nipping at his enemies trying to wear them down.-

JusticeAndPunishment: Tetsuo was just catching his breath as he squatted a bit with hands on his knees and his head tilted up to take in air. He looked up a moment as he saw Unaru drop down from the edge of the first roof and landed in front of him, seeming as if he was still full of energy even during the fight. The alley they stood then started to shine once the flash bomb was giving off its white explosion, the burst causing some of the rain caught in the illumination to appear like bright sparks as they tumbled around the blinding bright light. The flash bomb’s light started to die as Tetsuo looked upon Unaru who started to share words to him on the situation at hand. Indeed he was tired and hurting, sweat and blood being cleansed from the cold rainfall. He still allowed Unaru to say his words but was in complete surprise when he said that he could smell his exhaustion and his pain, something that Tetsuo curiously started to ponder. Was it not just his scent that Unaru was sniffing from? Had Unaru the ability to detect chakra based on his doglike instincts? Then again Tetsuo was at his breaking point with him being sore and exhausted along with his Byakugan starting to strain his eyes. He took a moment to catch a steady breath and deactivated his Byakugan while looking upon Unaru and his chakra flow started to disappear to show only the normal figure of his teammate and friend. “Yeah, let’s call it.” A sneeze then erupts from Tetsuo. “How about we grab my gear and get out of here? It’s starting to get cold out.” He started to shiver because the heat of the fight had died and his arms were covering around his body. “Maybe somewhere warm so we can get cleaned and patch up ourselves.” He walked over and extended out a hand toward Unaru as if to give him a five but then grasp his hand and use his other hand to pat upon Unaru’s shoulder. “It was fun while it lasted. No wins, no losses. Thanks for the help, Unaru.” Tetsuo gave a warm smile with his hand still extended out, appreciating how his personal demons were now at bay.

Guest_UnaruInuzuka: -He watched a moment as he considered the options, he saw the flicker of confusion that had formed on the others face along with a questioning look in his eyes as they deactivated after the moment of his speaking of realizing he was tired. When he heard Tetsuo say he was good with calling it he visibly seemed to relax his shoulders even if deep inside his own mind he could swear he heard an annoyed grunt and snarl that he purposefully ignored, he knew part of himself had hoped it to continue but he knew well enough that it wasn’t right. Then he heard the sneeze from Tetsuo and looked him over seeing him shiver… Unaru personally did feel the chill in the air but even so the warmth his body radiated was keeping him from shivering from it, probably not a good thing for even himself to stay out here in this chilling rain. As the other talked about his gear he considered his own and glanced around the alleyway a moment before giving a nod.- “Good idea.” –That was when he noticed something shining in one of the walls, but it also was the moment Tetsuo had walked up to him. Letting his silver shards trail back to the other teen he saw the hand and paused a moment, Tetsou would by now have known he was always a little hesitant of contact of people beyond Ritsuka so shouldn’t be been phased by the hesitation that he had before taking the hand as his four legged transformation was soon dropped. Unaru then felt the others other hand come to touch him on the shoulder. There a bit of tenseness forming in his muscles, a typical shinobi reaction to a surprise touch but one that was mild in comparison to what he would do to someone he didn’t know. He allowed a small smirk to form, it was mild and if he had been one to show his emotions better probably would have been seen as a soft smile to someone’s eyes. Then there was the soft wave of tiredness a reminder that he had worked a bit and that his wound did sting he took a small step to the side. He knew he could have kept going for much longer, but even he knew adrenaline in a person’s body can wear off as soon as it isn’t being produced because of a physical and chakra induced state. That was when he gave a nod of his head to the comment of the no win or loss, along with the thanks. He reached up and let his fingers brush in his soaked burgundy strands a moment as if to scratch a itch behind his head before speaking.- “Not a problem… I… I needed it as well. I find any physical actions seem to help when the night isn’t the kindest…” –He shifted to move over to where he had seen the shining object and glanced at it almost brushing off the possible question of his own night, a small grin forming on his lips as he reached out and with a sharp jerk removed the custom made blade from its buried state in the metal wall. He looked it over and nodded his head, it was fine… He sure as hell needed to tell Hikaru how well this thing held out next time he saw him… he simply slipped it into a pocket before walking back towards the other to head out of the area. That was when he spoke up about the silent question no doubt he had.- “Something tells me you are confused by my sense of smell?” –His head cantered a faction while he wasn’t looking at Tetsuo as they walked out of the alleyway towards his stuff.- “Not everything is chakra related, I smell chemicals, I can pick out a lot by my nose…” –His explanation brief as he gave off a sharp whistle to the air, it was almost instantly his two pups leapt from the roof top and he caught them in his arms.-


The fight is a draw. Both Tetsuo and Unaru did sustain minor injuries but both will recover to full heath in no time.